Unlike 'real time' computer games such as World of Warships, players in several of TTH's online games are not all logged in at the same time battling 'head-to-head.' Typically played over several days, Coral Sea and Midway games are played over the internet using email and video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. In alternating turns, players coordinate and email orders to TTH game control, who adjudicates and sends updates back to the players. Looking for a fast play game? Then check out Battle of Trafalgar.

Battle of Coral Sea 1942

In the same series of games as Midway, Battle of Coral Sea is a similar play-by-email and Zoom WW2 game. In December 2020 the US Naval Sea Cadets gamed over two consecutive weekends. This short video summarizes the game action over their ten moves.

Battle of Midway 1942

Battle of Midway is a play-by-email and Zoom game based on the historic WW2 naval battle. In July 2020 the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps played the game over the course of of nine days. This short video summarizes the game action over their eight moves.

Battle of Trafalgar 1805

Battle of Trafalgar is played via Zoom and Google forms and pits ships-of-the-line from the British Royal Navy against the French Republic Navy in a fast and furious sea battle that plays in under two hours. Sail & Shot are team tournaments played using the Battle of Trafalgar rules.